YOLO club in faliraki centre, open every night from middle of April to middle of October, on rhodos island, greece. The most mad place for HOUSE and not only party music, it has it all in a small size. We start late at evening usually, between 20:00 - 21:00, depends on month. At the beginning we warm up the yolo club with some older tracks, more into disco style. After 23:00 mainstream music, house electro tech house and sometimes (when the girls are on the bar) RNB too. The volumes are going high and they never return to the starting level untill 5:00 or even 6:00 at the morning.
During our party night expect a lot of people, packed on the corner. Just enough place for jumping around and dancing on the bar. Friday and Saturday are always the busiest of the week (exept the special events party night, where you find them anyday).
If you really wanna feel what means #yolo party time just visit us from 23:00 to 1:30 where all the madness takes place. If you are not a fan of crowded areas we recommend that you try yolo club at the beginning of the night 21:00 to 23:00 , or after 1:30 in the morning. When the most of the people are going to the next club.
We have a big variety on drinks and cocktails. From quality greek beer or long drinks to very expensive champagne like Moët & Chandon and much more. Just a few of our drink list: Martini, Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, Smirnoff ... If you are more in to Cocktails, we have many worlds famous ones, and the ones that we do, what we call #yolo Cocktails. Just ask for the menu, when you are in our location, and you will see what we mean. If you are a big or large group of people don't forget to ask on the entrance for the special offer of the night.
We are proud for our staff, smile is their favorite habit, always kind and ready to serve you.
Maybe we have limited space, but trust me, small and warm is our style, and if you are fine with that, you gonna love it. Trust in YOLO club.
Calling all party people! Whether you're after a hardcore night out or something more laid back, you'll find it one in YOLO club in Faliraki, Rhodes island, Greece, Europe.

About Us


In YOLO club we believe in people, maybe thats why we magnetize always the most beautiful (inside and outside)


We pick mainstream sound, House, Electro and later in the night TechHouse sometimes. Of course we dont forget the tracks of your heart


YOLO club is located in the heart of Faliraki city, in the middle of Barstreet. The nightlife queen of Rhodes island, Greece.


We have tryed to make the most of our space. Full of colors, what you call a happy place to make your night feel better.

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Fotis Rodios Horamis

Our news

21 Apri 2017

Summer Opening Party YOLO club Faliraki Rhodes

Let's start this summer together! Where else? in the heart of Faliraki, the nightlife queen of Rhodes,Greece. An opening party that you don't wanna miss. Because this way begins my paradise. see you around

01 May 2017

After 1st of May our summer season

After that day we promise to keep you bussy with parties and events almost every day. Just visit us and you will see what we mean when we say YOLO nights!!! <3

15 October 2017

Final night of Summer Season

Every champion needs relax, so that is the last day of the summer season, after that only relax. And we start the winter season and ofcourse we wait for the next summer season to come. Hope you enjoy it!

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In case you are thinking to pay a visit in YOLO club, or you have a question, or you are just happy enough to send us a card or a gift. Here you gonna find a way to come in contact with YOLO club. You can send us an e-mail directly,or use the form below or just mail your stuff to YOLO club. [ in case you are looking for a job, plz send your CV]

Our Location

YOLO club
Ermou str. 31,
Faliraki 85100
Rhodes GR Hellas.

+30 6946336884

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